16 July 2014

ATTIRE - night and day

the sun was in my way to much taking these photos :( out of 40 photos only these 3 were ok..booooo. blogging has taught me to be playful with clothes. so instead of saving this oh my love playsuit for just going out/clubbing , i've added a h&m t-shirt to make it a day wear piece too. and to make me less of a shortie, i'm wearing my river island flatforms toooo. i bought this playsuit for halloween when i dressed up as the all original 'cat', so it isn't available anymore..but i've found a close alternative here.
after holidaying for 2 weeks i'm going to try and blog a little more as i do really enjoy putting outfits together and posting them on here!
c y aaa


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    1. Thanks for commenting..i love your blog so much!

  2. I love this outfit! You styled it so well,


  3. Love how this was styled - so on point! -- Lindsey xx


    1. Hiiii thanksss i will have a look at your blog xxx