21 August 2014

ATTIRE - wishlist #6

being an impulse buyer, i never really have anything to put on a wishlist as anything i like i tend to buy straight away to save disappointment of it going out of stock etc.
i'm so glad zara has finally released its new collection and the sale obsession in store is dying off. the constant people, queues and mess drove me insaaaane. i love this zara bag (maybe khaki is my colour this autumn?) and it aint expensive! 
i spent ages deciding which of these next loafers to buy...do i go pale snake skin or pink? a massive decision as you can imagine. i went for the beige in the end...but later returned them in fear of the autumn weather just killing them off :(
 i'm not particularly a jewellery girl, i like my simple silver pieces but a part from that i'm not very adventurous. i thought this new look necklace (only £9.99) looked very 'zara' and could be worn with anything.
 finally the topshop midi skirt. after falling in love with a pleated midi skirt from dorothy perkins a few weeks a go, i am now on a mad hype for midi skirts. alike my duster coat worries, the midi length does shorten me. so i look for above the knee styles which are still classed as the midi! 

b y e xx

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  1. Zara is one of my faves. I love those floral trousers! xxx