10 February 2014

ATTIRE - layer on layer

Jacket: H&M (similar here) Snood & Scarf: old old old I can't remember Jeans & Bag: Topshop
 Today was a quick outfit, literally grabbing anything and throwing it on. I've had this blazer/ jacket for a while but haven't really worn, it's not really thick enough for frosty mornings. I'm liking how my bag, not purposefully, matches my car mwaha (you can see the front a tiny bit in the top corner). I thought I'd pop both scarf's on this morning as without the thinner scarf (which is actually my mum's old sarong) my grey t-shirt (from H&M), grey jacket and black jeans would be pretty depressing on a Monday morning!
I'm currently brain storming blog name ideas...obviously your name is quite original as it's fairly individualised, but I want something a bit more exciting and specific for my blog! I'm scared I'll finally decide on a name...and then want to change it again! Gahh! Any tips for choosing/ creating a blog name!?


  1. love your blog!
    I've only just recently got my blog up and going.. need a bit of help on how to get it out there!
    ill follow you on bloglovin' :) x x