21 February 2014

ATTIRE - similar taste

Hat: Acessorize (similar here) Kimono: Auntie's hand-me-downs Jumper: Primark Jeans: Topshop

For the upcoming spring/summer I have been on the look out for a kimono to replace my over reliance on cardigans. I haven't really found any online/ in stores that I particular think I'd wear enough to splash out on. However, weirdly...my auntie has passed down this kimono to me which pretty much fits the criteria without even knowing I was after one! I wanted to wear a navy blue top underneath but couldn't find one in my mountains of clothes. And so, I've just opted for a really plain all-black outfit, with of course, one of my trusty fedoras. I tell you what though - walking about town today I nearly lost my hat with the strong winds! (I would of been devastated)

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