21 April 2014

ATTIRE - wishlist #4

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27 days and counting till my exams are finished and I can get back into blogging again. During the revision period I don't put any effort into my outfits, my days literally consist of changing from one pair of pyjamas to another...I've promised myself to be fully committed to my blog during the summer break..as well, I won't have any excuses not to be!

I went to London shopping for the day earlier this week (the only day I escaped revision and left the house!) and saw the majority of these items at the Oxford street stores. I must add, I cannot believe how big the shops are along Oxford street...I still cannot comprehend the size of Topshop! So, so, so jealous of Londoners who can shop there regularly. 

Ok, so first these Next wedges. I'm still umming and arring over purchasing these, with summer coming up I'm worried they'll sit at the back of my wardrobe and never get worn :-(  Loving these H&M shorts, H&M have some great pieces at the moment. I'm lusting over their greeny/yellowy kimono but couldn't find it online to pop on here! Anyway, I also fancy this Topshop kimono, its so pretty and simple I think I could throw it on with anything and make the outfit look really fancy! I have always thought white jeans were reserved for skinny, leggy girls with toned legs and bum! But this season, they seem to be everywhere and I'd love to give them a try. Being white I could pair them with virtually any top, shoes and accessories...but white is a dangerous colour...how long would they stay perfectly white?! Finally a little cami from dotty p's. I'm completely in love with DP at the moment, I was never really that keen on them but they seem to of uped their game! The have endless shoes and cigarette trousers I'm bursting to buy at really affordable prices!

I think all the revision I'm doing is the perfect excuse to reward myself with new clothes!

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