20 May 2014

DIARY - free from exams and stress

meeting my course friends outside big joe on the first day back at university for 2nd year feels like yesterday. i can probably remember what i was wearing! i cannot believe i just sat my last exam of 2nd year - concluding another year and chapter of university life. its hard to believe i have one year last at university! but luckily this year i only had 3 exams, whereas last year i had 6...yes stress. 

good bye way-to-small desk, constant paper cuts and staring at blank, boring walls

for the past month...maybe longer, i have been restricted to the four walls of my bedroom revising. day in, day out, reading-reading-reading. living in my pj's has became a daily habit. changing into everyday clothes became a fun activity to forward too! for that reason, outfit posts have gone out the window...

but now its all over, i'm back - for 19 weeks 
(till the hell of final year)

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