24 May 2014

DIARY - half marathon

five months into 2014 and i successfully completed one of my new years resolutions. earlier this year i did a post on why i wanted to do the half marathon if you want to take a look here. 9.30 am the race started at the worcester race course, harrison and i managed to complete the 13.1 miles in 2 hours 30 (ish) - which for our first attempt, and not training for the last month leading up to it, is pretty good! 

so it wasn't easier, the worcester route is quite hilly. i did find jogging was easier than walking though because your feet hurt less! every 3/4 miles there is a water station where you get handed bottles of water, cups of energy drink and a jelly baby (although harrison kept taking handfuls!)

we managed to raise £247! only £3 under our target! the atmosphere at the race was amazing, and the ages of people doing the marathon and half marathon was so inspiring! the full marathon winner lapping us and crossing the finish line together are the most memorable bits for me.

doing the worcester half marathon was a great experience and one of my best achievements! the achey legs, dead bum for the next 3 days and huge blisters hasn't put me off doing another one. i'm trying to talk harrison into the birmingham half marathon in october. although training in the summer getting sweaty isn't too appealing!

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