20 January 2014

ATTIRE - featherbone

I'm wearing Topshop's lipstick here in shade "Beguiled"

My new love - Mr Tripod

Polo: Next Skirt: Zara Boots: Internationale

Obviously I'm in my cosy polo neck and couldn't resist wearing my bargain zara skirt. 
I've always loved teaching myself how to do new hairstyles/ trends. I managed to teach myself this morning via several YouTube videos,  the 'Dutch head-braid'. I've seen it on a few celebs recently so thought I'd give it a go -  it's surprisingly easy yet if your already well practised at French braiding. At first I found it very fidderly as half way through to continue the plait to the back you need to swap your hands round which requires a considerable amount of coordination! I'm looking forward to perfecting this hairstyle, as it'll be ideal for mornings when I'm in a mega rush for uni (also allows me to skip styling my fringe!). 

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  1. love this outfit. Looks so cosy but yet so stylish, such a great combination. I am loving polo necks too so perhaps a little bias!

    Kassie - www.styledevoured.com xx