3 January 2014

ATTIRE - wish list #2

Clutch Bag: ASOS  // T-shirt: Ebay // SensatioNail Gel Polish - Espresso Bean: Boots // Skort: Topshop // Shoes: ASOS 
Christmas is finally over, which means my birthday is approaching! Birthdays are always an excuse to buy new clothing, and perfect timing to give out gift ideas. I've been lusting after all of these items for a while now but haven't got round to ordering any of them yet - they're all quite 'springy' rather than 'wintery'. 
I love this clutch bag...it would become more of a pet than an accessory I think, I'd be scared to take it out in case it got ruined! The mink colour caught my eye, as it always compliments your complexion and goes with virtually any other colour. I'd probably use this bag as an 'everyday' bag rather than going out to save myself from leaving a feather trail in the club haha!
After receiving the Sensationails kit at xmas I have been forever researching the other colours - I didn't realise there were so many! I've become quite picky with nail colours recently, I used to be a 'barbie pink' or 'blood red' kinda girl but I've gone off those colours, I think they look too in your face? I prefer darker colours like deep purples or more natural colours now...especially Barry M's 'Mushroom' shade and any of the No7 purples. I spotted this 'Espresso Bean' shade in Merry Hill Boots, it's more of a rich brown colour than my favourite Barry M 'mushroom' - it is also glittery! Something new to try and would look amazing with a tan!
Whenever I end up on the Topshop website I also find this skort. I like how they  style it on the website, I fancy wearing it in the summer with baggy tee's and chiffon shirts. In summer 2013 I purchased 3 pairs of skorts and wore them so much...so I've told myself buying another one would be reasonable as I do get the wear out of them.

This 'Feline' tee is an alternative to the 'Celine' tees swapping fashion blogs, I'm more of a dog lover than a cat...but I like it in a feminine expression way. There seem to be many different styles of the ordinal 'Celine' print now - they seem to be very popular with celebs! I don't buy many t-shirts as I prefer to spend a bit more on a proper top, so when it comes to a relaxed 'jean and t-shirt' outfit I always struggle. I'm really considering ordering one of these (just wondered about the quality through?). 
Finally these little leather flats...my beloved loafers seem to be on their last legs. I have had them re-heeled several times! I've been looking for some more loafers to replace my current ones but nothing seems to impress me enough to part with the money, so I thought these might be a nice alternative? They're also quite 'primary school' and cute!
Right...that's enough rambling (and putting off an essay!) I really can't get back into uni mode...but I am looking forward to going back and getting back into the swing of things! (and also blogging my university outfits whoohoo).
What do you think of my new layout? I've changed my header, background and the majority of my fonts. I had great fun today playing around with all the settings! I didn't realise you could customise so much...love having something so personal to meeeeeeee.


  1. I love the clutch! I think I would caress it all the time ha :D

  2. Need that tee and bag in my life right now - fab picks :)

    I found your blog via Bloglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts and say hi xx


    1. I feel like a massive fan girl right now! I'm always on your blog..thanks for commenting!
      So so so so so tempted to order bag x x x

  3. The shirt and the shoes are very cute :)