15 January 2014

ATTIRE - fire bird

Coat: M&S Top: Zara Necklace: Topshop Boots: Next (similar here)
Quick few picture before my first day back at university after the xmas holidays. This is my beloved coat! It was limited edition so I'm pretty sure it isn't available anymore, but I think M&S are the place to be for winter coats! M&S coats have the same price tag as Topshop but I'd definitely argue the quality is better and it's less likely to see anyone else wearing the same coat (Hooray!). The top I'm wear here was my first purchase from Zara a good few years back, it's shrunk a fair bit and is pretty sheer at the front but I still adore it. This was the first time I'd worn leggings in forever!! I can never find good quality leggings that don't flash your pants or are mega baggy on your knees/ankles so I tend to stay clear from them now. I think I'm haunted from religiously wearing leggings everyday in Sixth Form with way too-short tops (oh fashion...). 

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  1. Love this coat! M&S have some unreal coats in ATM, you'd never think it!!!! Xxxx

    1. Completely agree, little golden finds in there! x x x