1 January 2014

DIARY - happy new year

Just a quick little post to wish all my readers a Happy New Year - I hope it's filled with happiness, success and good health!

I have a few new years resolutions relating to my blog...
1. Firstly, and most importantly...to continue blogging! I really enjoy having a little outlet online where I can post personal pictures and ramble on about whatever I fancy without anyone telling me what I must include etc. It's great having something I'm completely in control with and love doing!
2. Take more and better photos. My plan is to become more adventurous, I admire bloggers that experiment with different backgrounds that compliment their outfit. The perfect time to take photos is always when you don't have the camera and have to rely upon your phone...so to improve the quality and quantity of my photos I intend to take the camera out more.
3. Finally...wear more clothes and make more combinations. My new years resolution last year was to buy less clothes and wear more of my wardrobe - I have to say I think I made a pretty good attempt at this! So I'm continuing this resolution into 2014, but this year I'm taking it further...I want to mix up patterns, textures and layers more! Ultimately it will make my personal style more personal - no one wants to be a sheep of every trend do they? 

I've only set a few resolutions as many more would be unachievable! I find the new year really exciting, reflecting on 2013 is also fun...seeing how much has changed and how much you've grown in yourself.
Bring on 2014!

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