20 December 2013

ATTIRE - friday clashing

Hat: Miss Selfridge Jacket: New Look Shirt: ASOS (old) Jeans: Topshop Boots: ASOS

This is my first outfit post! I tried to do pictures at home but they didn't work out very well because it felt so awkward...I'm sure they'll get better in time! These photos are taken in a changing room (New Look's lol) but the lightening and space available was ideal.
My mum found this bolero jacket in the Malvern New Look store, its red paisley print with black piping, kind of cropped to normal length. I thought it was pretty versatile as it has so many colours running through it, so I can basically wear it with anything! I'm planning to wear it with my purple Topshop jeans and leather top (I'm sure this outfit will appear on my blog soon).
This racoon shirt is my favourite shirt of all time and was a complete bargain last January sales,  I've nearly worn it out, the buttons and shape is going now but replacing it has been difficult. Any white patterned shirts I've come across have been too formal and ''officey'' - so I'm hoping I'll find something a bit more pricey reduced in the sales.
Obviously I'm wearing the ole'faithful Topshop Leigh jeans...no others compare to them...I could happily buy a new pair every week. The first time you wear these jeans they just look amazing, however these ones are probably a year old now and have only just started to fade! They always seem pricey up front, but once you realise they last forever they seem reasonable.
I've stayed away from knee high boots til now, I've been worried they look to 'mummy' or only appropriate for middle aged women shopping in John Lewis. But since walking into uni with freezing cold feet or wind chapped ankles I decided to give them ago. I have to say I am a lot warmer in these boots! They definitely prevent a draft up your legs! These boots from ASOS were a steal too - I got them just under half price because of the near-xmas student promotions which you can't complain about.
I'm obsessed with hats this winter, this is the newest edition to the collection. It's a good accessorise for when you can't be bothered to do your fringe in the morning!
(My eyes looked spaced out in the second photo...that's why I've cropped my face out haha!)
Love Alice x

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