30 December 2013

ATTIRE - purple rain

Polo neck: H&M // Necklace: Topshop Sale // Jeans: Topshop Leigh  // Boots: Office Sale // Unhappy face: British wet/cold weather

I was ecstatic when I bagged these bargain boots in the boxing day sales, but then it hit me that realistically their usage could become very limited due to our weather being typically wet....ideal for ruining my brand new pale suede shoes! Maybe these boots will have to be saved for the chilly spring mornings in a few months time (*sob*). These dark purple Topshop jeans are my latest addition to the collection of Leigh jeans. I find Topshop sizes vary massively - this pair is potentially the smallest W26 in the world, they're so so so so tiny!! But after a few wears I'm sure they'll stretch out a bit (well I hope..). The polo neck I wore today is one of my favourite jumpers, somehow the style of the polo neck is super chunky but avoids making you look bulky? I picked it up a few weeks ago from H&M in Merry Hill and I have worn it countless times since. This sky blue jumper is great to just whack on with jeans and my favourite fedora when I'm in a rush (or can't be bothered haha) or to pair with a patterned skirt to 'winter' up an outfit.
Have you got a jumper that seems to be worn with everything and anything?

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  1. Lovely boots sweetie! I thought I'd reply to your hair question on here so you see it :) basically I'd ask for an ashy light brown to be placed from roots to about 2/3 down and blended out with your blonde and a toner popped through :) hope that helps xxx