31 December 2013

ATTIRE - polo neck junkie

Polo neck: Next // Necklace x2: Forever 21 // Lace shorts and belt: Miss Selfridge // Ballet pumps: New Look

Guess what I'm wearing? Oh yeah, a polo neck...its all I rave about. Today's weather is dull - so my outfit choice matches it. I purchased these high waisted black shorts earlier this year from Miss Selfridge for my weekend at V festival. I find the colouring has faded gradually, but this adds to the 'vintagey' effect! I've noticed since having a fringe earrings don't really get seen - so I decided to double up these Forever 21 necklaces to add a bit of detail to the top of my outfit. These printed ballet pumps are my favourite of all time, instead of being fabric they have more of a hair-like texture. I tend to save these shoes as I don't want to ruin the texture with mud and rain etc. 
I kind of getting to grips with taking photos now! Each time I want to blog I transform our dining room into my mini photo shoot - I still don't understand the settings on the camera so when I get a good(-ish) shot its usually down to luck! I have to say I was impressed with the bottom picture as some how I captured the shadowing in the background which I really like! I think I prefer outdoors photos as I can have more fun with them, for instance choosing interesting backgrounds and settings - but with the current strong winds I'd much rather stay inside!
Have a great last day of 2013 everyone!

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