21 December 2013

ATTIRE - one dress two ways

Lace print dress: Zara Polo neck: Marks and Spencer Boots: Mango at ASOS
Clutch : Klear Klutch at ASOS Heels: Topshop

So recently I've noticed high street shops are stocking lingerie style dresses, you know the black, lacey, silky looking cami dresses? Personally, I don't think I could wear them as they're so revealing and you definitely have to have toned arms and shoulders to pull them off! But as an alternative I have seen several bloggers layering them up with polo necks which I must admit I do adore... However, during my weekly mooch on the Zara website I came across this blue printed lace dress. I thought to myself hmmm could be something different for going out in but also it hit me how versatile this dress could become!
For the winter months I thought about adding a grey polo neck 1) I chose grey because it would highlight the lace detail on the shoulders whereas black would hide it 2) I find polo necks keep you so much warmer than just a normal jumper (I'm getting addicted to them for this reason). Finally, I'd add heeled boots and chunky black tghts - heeled boots are important to outfits I wear because i'm abit of a shortie so like adding height and length to my legs.
My alternative outfit uses the same dress but for a different occasion! Weekend drinks with friends are a major excuse for us girls to buy a new dress and get all dolled up with fake tan and lipstick (majority of the product staining our carpets of course). This transparent clutch is amazing (despite the price tag), the pouch inside is leather - ideal for ID and money, and the remaining space is perfect to pop your comb and eyeliner in! Despite being short, I'm still thankful of the heel trend going from super high platforms to mid-heels - not only do mid-heels look less stripper, we can also walk in them and last on our feet a lot longer (Whoohoo)!
I'm guessing this dress won't go into the January sales as it has only just entered the new in page on Zara so I might treat myself to a little present for completing my first semester of my second year! (Any excuse for a new dress ey!)
Love Alice x

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