30 December 2013

ATTIRE - s.o.s sales

Yo Sushi // Me warming up in the RAC van ft. new hat, jacket and scarf // RAC man saving us // Mum and myself 

Rather than the early morning mad rush to the sales, sprinting between shops grabbing everything and anything in your size I devised a simple shopping plan for this Boxing day.  My plan was simply to rock up to the Bullring whenever we were ready and just mooch around the shops with no strict check-list of what to buy.

However, my boxing day trip to the sales was slightly different to my imagined idea.

To start of my relaxed trip...I unfortunately spent 50 minutes in the brisk cold winds stood behind the crash barrier on the M5 with my mum waiting for the RAC van man to come and fix my burst tyre. Thankfully, the RAC guy was a car genius (essential for his job title I know!) and we were well on our way after this little hiccup.

To revitalise our sale spirits we decided to treat ourselves to Yo Sushi - and it was the perfect solution! We indulged in several non-festive dishes, even through I'm not a fan of sushi itself, I am madly in love with Katsu Curry (and I've mastered the cheat chop-sticks). Stomachs full - we were ready to tackle the herds of fellow shoppers.

So you'd expect the bullring to be unbearably busy, but it was actually alright. Shops had strategic blocked indoor entrances and were managing the flow of customers with queues outside, definitely helped to avoid the Next riots!

I describe myself as a serial shopper, but during the sales after xmas I always feel I tend to buy items for the say so of them being in the sale and this apparently means they are an 'instant bargain'. So this year I massively controlled my shopping, I weighed up the price and the amount of times I would potentially wear the item. Maybe for this I didn't buy too much? This either means nothing was reduced enough or I don't wear enough different outfit combinations...hmm...but I do love what I did buy through!

Next Polo Neck £16 £8

 As I've mentioned before, I don't splurge on knitwear - mainly because after one wash my mum is a pro at making them the ideal size for the Severn dwarfs (I shouldn't complain I don't do my own washing..). I've found this year polo necks are ideal jumpers to wear as virtually any flimsy, thin, sleeveless summer top can be layered on top - meaning after only purchasing 3 polo necks I can actually have a completely different (warm) outfit everyday! I wasn't too impressed with the Next sale in the Bullring, maybe because we didn't get there til 2pm but still I expected a few more pretty shoes to be available in my size. If your a size 3 the Next sale shoe collection would be your oyster! 

Topshop Pink Jumper £40 £20

I had hoped to pick up the Topshop Christmas Gingerbread jumper in the Xmas sales but unfortunately, after high interest, I don't think it was available in the sales. Unlike many of the other sales, Topshop had a pretty good selection - plus the majority of prices were cut by 50% or more!  Being a girlie girl I couldn't go wrong with a pink jumper. I'm planning to wear it with everything basically...leather skirt, tartan skirt, pattered trousers and high waisted shorts. I'll be able to carry this knitwear over to Spring/ Summer 2014 as the upcoming season is based on pastel, girlie colours (whoohoo!). Definitely a good find..thanks Topshop!

Yes I'm an ASOS addict. I must of been through the sale items at least 7 times...and find a few things to order each time (oops). It's pretty hard to resist when you get free next day delivery and returning items is so easy! I wore this dress on xmas day (I purchased it the preview night of the sale). I love the dress, the animal pattern isn't Katt Moon thankfully! I wouldn't say the dress is worth its full price due to the material being very thin and I'm worried after a wash the colours may even fade. Anyway, I'm think its a great dress to wear with my black fedora and chunky lace up boots.

Office Suede ankle Boots £75 £20

Biggest bargain ever! Call me the bargain Queen! Online I didn't really find any boots that took my fancy. However I thought I'd give Office in-store a go...I didn't realise they're sale was so good! These boots took my eye straight away. They're the ideal heel height to be worn daily and I like the low ankle cut to them. The only negative obviously is that the suede is a very light camel shade...but I'll just have to be choosey on when I wear them! For £20 I couldn't leave these boots behind, they'll definitely last the rest of this season and potentially be worn again next year if I don't get them too mucky. I'm still not over how much these boots have been reduced... 

ASOS Black Sparkle dress £35 £14

I had a little high school friend reunion night coming up, which fell on Christmas Eve Eve so felt I had to have a pretty, sparkly dress! I'm a devil for always wearing black on nights out...so adding sequins to the mix was adventurous for me. Alike the Animal dress, I wouldn't pay full price for this dress...although it did come with a slip for underneath and did hang nicely on photos etc. The dress did its purpose, I wouldn't proclaim its my favourite dress of all time but it looked alright for the occasion. I did feel that throughout the night I was leaving a glitter trail everywhere, so I'm worried after a wash they'll be no glitter left! Anyway its a cute LBD that I'm sure will be used again. 

Did you splurge this Boxing day?

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