22 December 2013

ATTIRE - graffiti knitting

 Location: Bancroft Garden, Stratford - Upon - Avon, UK
Bag: Zara Jumper: H&M (similiar here) Shirt: Forever 21 Necklace: New Look (similar here) Jeans: Topshop Boots: Internationale (similar here)

How amazing is this tree?! Myself and my mum were doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Stratford today when we noticed this tree on the Bancroft (the bit outside the Shakespeare theatre), I just assumed it was some local school project. The tree is actually apart of a growing trend called Graffiti Knitting, much more attractive than graffiti you see down subways ey! The Bancroft gardens were beautiful this late-winter-afternoon, the hordes of tourists had disappeared leaving the open space to be a landscape of tranquillity.
Anyway, enough about Stratford! (Although I do madly love the place!) 

My outfit basically describes my outing -  a quick shop, home-cooked grub and chilled out laughs visiting my Grandparents. 
I find layering up summer shirts is perfect when your out in the cold and then suddenly walk into a boiling hot house ready for a big dinner as you have the option to de-layer! This Forever 21 shirt has been completely over worn whilst at uni as the neutral colour goes with virtually anything (especially important when your waiting for things to be washed), for this reason it's another staple item in my wardrobe. 
I purchased this spiked rose gold necklace earlier this year from New Look when they had the 'buy one, get one free' offer on the jewellery. I regret not stocking up on jewellery at this point as everything was ridiculously cheap, and I'm not too keen on splashing a lot of money on necklaces as I don't tend to wear them enough to justify the price tag. 
The Zara bag I'm using here has seen me through summer and winter, I find the combination of the unique colour and simple design allows me to put it with any outfit and completely brightens up my look! 
In this particular outfit I like how my jeans, boots and shirt aren't anything interesting, but adding a bright jumper and bag makes all the difference instantly. 
Has anyone seen Graffiti Knitting elsewhere? (Also, I've made the writing bigger on this post, do you think it looks more appealing to read? I'm unsure...tell me what you think)
Love Alice
P.s A little thank you to my mum for taking these photos - after several crappy photos out of focus with no lighting...we finally did it!

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