29 December 2013

DIARY - my (late) Christmas edition

Stratford lights // Presents under the tree // Xmas morning // Christmas Eve Eve night out
 I admit I've been a super bad blogger over the Christmas period....I should of taken advantage of all the spare time I had away from uni and essays but instead I've been rolling around in my onesie for the past week and a half eating as much chocolate as possible whilst watching mind numbing festive films. ANYWAY, I've had a great time - and I hope all my little blogger readers have too!

For me Christmas is all about spending time with the people who actually mean something to me, rather than those who walk in and out of your life when it suits them. So over the Christmas holidays I've managed to spend plenty of time with my loved ones - boyfriend, closest high school friends and the nutty family.

Every year I say to myself, 'Ok this year I won't spend Christmas day refreshing Facebook and twitter investigating other people's presents'...yet again, alike many, I was guilty of being nosey into other peoples gifts (although they're allowing me to be nosey if they post pictures of their presents?!). I'm not one of those who post pictures or updates of presents on Christmas day, but I am going to let you see my favourite prezzies this Christmas!

I must say...aren't you disappointed that Christmas is gone and over for another year? The build up is so fun...but its such a shame when its all finished with.

1. Moschino phone case // 2. Red Herring clutch // 3. Sensationails // 4. Tangle Teezer

These four are my favourite gifts this year.
I highlighted my lust for this Moschino phone case a few weeks ago on my wish list #1 post, it's actually cuter in real life! The little face on the front has actual whiskers (as you can tell I'm completely besotted by this phone case #loser). There are a few fall backs to this phone case though...the case itself is very cumbersome and heavy meaning its impossible for it to fit in my jeans pockets - but that's what handbags are for I guess! But more importantly the thick material seems to block my voice transmitting into the phone,so when I answer the phone now I do have to remove the case...a little far from ideal.

I spotted this clutch on a fellow fashion bloggers instagram page a while back, I had been tempted to buy it...but it was the kind of year when your mum starts nagging you for Christmas present ideas so this one fit the criteria! When I unwrapped this gift I was completely surprised with the clutch - I hadn't actually seen it in shops, only searched for it online so I had no idea about the texture, size, weight etc! It was a nice surprise don't get me wrong - the mulberry like hearts are a velvet material which I thought was great! Can't be doing with these cheap patterns that scratch off after one use. The clutch is a large-ish size, making it very versatile. I feel the bag can be used for a night out as imagined, but also for shopping trips as the top zip opens the main section of the bag that seems never ending (Mary Poppins I hear you say!). I'm looking forward to my clutch's first outing...

For me, painting my nails is a massive chore. Firstly, I always paint my nails at night in my room...meaning I basically gas my room out, so have to sleep with the window open and freeze all night long. Secondly, the second I've finished painting my nails I need a wee or the dogs jump on me or something that ends up smudging my nails. Finally, I never put a top coat on so the colour literally lasts for a few nails then I have to start the whole nail painting process over again...Sensationails seems like the perfect solution for little miss impatient! I guided my boyfriend into the direction of purchasing the Deluxe Starter Kit when I saw it massively reduced in Boots a few weeks ago...being male and having no idea what it is actually for...he luckily took the hints! The Deluxe kit comes with two colour (sugar plum and taupe tulips) and all the other accompaniments. I've had a few goes with it so far, it is pretty straight forward but once I get the nack to it I think I'll find it a lot easier. In a few blogs time I'm planning to do a review on the kit, as full price it is a lot of money to be splashing out, so I'd love to see if its worth it! 

Finally, my tangle teezer. I'd been saving my boots points up for a while to get one, as I could never justify spending £10+ on a hairbrush I'd end up loosing at uni or burning on the straighteners. But Santa decided to treat me...it's fab - much to my boyfriends questioning...it is worth it! On the side of the packaging the comments claim the brush enables 'pain-free de-tangling' - i totally agree! I think the longer and shorter length pieces on the brush allow it do glide through the hair tackling each knot separately rather than getting the whole brush tangled and wrapped around your hair! A massive selling point for me is that the tangle teezer is designed to be used by your palm and is very light - handbag perfect. 

You've listened to me ramble on about my favourite Christmas presents this year, post the link to your favourites!
Love Alice x
P.s. I'm thinking about changing my blog name to something a bit more exciting than my actual name...any ideas? inspiration?

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